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What to know about most dental insurance plans?

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With a dental insurance plan, paying for your dental treatments becomes more affordable and more predictable. Normally provided by employers, dental insurance is mostly geared towards preventative care and staying ahead of the curve on oral health. This is mostly due to the fact that preventative care is the best way to reduce oral health risk and save money in the long-run on dental treatments. Our team at Classic Dental Care Gilbert is standing by to answer all your questions about dental insurance and help you make the most of your current dental insurance plan and coverage.

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How does dental insurance work?

Most of us aren't very educated on our dental insurance coverage and often associate it with our medical insurance, but the truth of the matter is that they couldn't be more different. Medical insurance is meant to be there in case of something going wrong, i.e. you break a bone and don't want to pay out of pocket for all the costs so you have medical insurance just in case. Dental Insurance is meant to be preventative. This means that you have coverage for regular cleanings, exams and most insurances will even help cover x-rays and minor procedures. This is why making two trips per year to the dentist for a cleaning and exam is one of the best ways to maximize your coverage.

what does dental insurance cover?

While we can't know exactly what your specific coverage will cover unless you contact us and we further explore your policy, there are general coverages for most plans. For example most plans will cover:

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Preventative Care: This includes exams, cleanings, x-rays and sometimes even fluoride treatments. These procedures can be covered up to 100%.

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Minor Restorative Care: This typically includes procedures such as dental fillings and endodontic care. These procedures are usually covered for up to 70-80% of their cost by some insurance plans.

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Major Restorative Care: These procedures include dental corwns, bridges and dentures. These are less likely to have coverage but can be covered by up to 50% by some plans.

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