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The Best Teeth Whitening Toothpastes

Discover the best teeth-whitening toothpaste and learn how professional teeth whitening at Classic Dental Care Gilbert can brighten your smile. Schedule your appointment today!
5 Min Read

The Link Between Gum Disease and Pregnancy

At Classic Dental Care Gilbert, you can learn about the link between gum disease and pregnancy and the importance of oral health for expectant mothers. Schedule your appointment with us today!
5 Min Read

Making Your Teeth a Priority this Easter

Easter is a time for celebration, but don't forget about your dental health. Schedule a post-Easter check-up with Dr. Kleiner and his team at Classic Dental Care Gilbert, AZ.
2 Min Read

Classic Dental Care Gilbert Celebrates Halloween 2022

This Halloween our Classic Dental Care team dressed up as our favorite characters from the Wizard of Oz!
6 Min Read

Everyday Dental Routine You Must Follow

The importance of good oral care is stressed enough by our elders, our teachers, and our dentists. Why then, as adults, do we fail to take utmost care of our pearlies?‍ But it is never too late to take control of your health.
7 Min Read

5 Reasons Why Dentures Could Be Right For You

If you or a family member has lost a tooth and want to know if it needs to be refilled, it's time to learn about the five reasons why dentures could be right for you.
10 Min Read

Do You Know The Different Types of Dentures

Complete dentures have traditionally been a solution to restore a set of missing teeth. Today, you can benefit from modern dentures to restore your natural teeth' form, function, and esthetics.
5 Min Read

Can Bleeding Gums Be An Early Sign of Something More?

While occasionally experiencing gum bleeding after brushing or flossing may not be something to worry about, frequent bleeding from the gums should not be taken lightly, click here to learn more!
3 Min Read

Classic Dental Care Celebrates Halloween 2021

The Classic Dental Care team was very excited to celebrate Halloween 2021 with our wonderful Gilbert community this year! We truly enjoy the holidays and like to show it! Our patients and staff had a blast sharing candy and laughs. We look forward to spending more time together with our patients and our community throughout this exciting holiday season.
5 Min Read

How chewing gum can improve your oral health

Chewing gum is an excellent way to maintain your oral health while having a treat. As long as the chewing time is not excessive and the gum is sugar-free, you will be helping your teeth to stay free of cavities. Chewing gum can be considered a treat. However, many oral health benefits are added, making it an option if you want to improve your oral care. This article will explain why chewing can improve your oral health and what to look for in one.
7 Min Read

Stay Away Stains! How To Keep Teeth Shining Bright

Having a smile that compliments your personality is the best piece of jewelry you can wear. A beautiful, white and fresh smile enhances your aura and self-confidence. A confident heartfelt smile transcends language barriers to conveys warmth and friendliness all over the world. A smile also makes way for further conversations, makes you more approachable, and builds social well-being. It is no wonder that society puts so much importance on a bright smile.
5 Minutes

Tips for Keeping Your Teeth White and Bright

Having bright, white teeth can boost your confidence and make you feel more attractive. At Classic Dental Care, we provide tips for keeping your teeth white and bright, including brushing and flossing regularly, using a whitening toothpaste, avoiding foods and drinks that stain your teeth, drinking plenty of water, and trying teeth whitening treatments. It concludes with recommendations for maintaining good oral hygiene and prioritizing regular dental checkups.

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