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Our VIP Discount Plan

What to know about The VIP Discount Plan

not dental insurance, it's better!

One of the many benefits of choosing Classic Dental Care Gilbert is the VIP Payment Plan that we offer. It's not dental insurance or dental financing, it's simply a discount plan that can save you and your family hundreds of dollars in dental procedures. This plan has a fixed monthly rate that allows you to get discounts on almost all dental procedures while getting the same great care that you have come to expect from Dr. Zia and our excellent dental team at Classic Dental Care Gilbert.

How does the VIP Discount Plan work?

Do you not have dental insurance or don't see the necessity for yourself and your family? The VIP Discount Plan might be perfect for you! This plan is an affordable option to reducing the cost of your dental procedures without paying insane monthly rates. Put simply our plan can save you up to 50% on general dental procedures.

Save Money: A great way to save cash, the low-fixed rate of the VIP Discount Plan along with it's discounts will save you a great deal of money.

Includes Dental Emergencies: The great part about our VIP Discount Plan is it also includes discounts for unforeseen dental costs and emergencies.

Family Plans: We also made it a point to include family plans so that the entire family will have access to our great discounts and savings.

What Makes the vIP Discount Plan Different?

Our VIP Discount Plan is different from almost any other dental financing program or dental insurance because it simply allows you to save on your dental costs without the premiums and approvals. Think of it almost like signing up for a co-op where you are given discounted deals for being a member!

No limits, Maximums or Excluded Treatments: A major benefit of our plan is that you don't need to worry about any of the typical woes of dental insurance.

No Waiting Periods: There are no waiting periods or approvals needed with our VIP Discount Plan.

No Claims: The difference with our Discount plan is that we don't require you to submit claims or deal with paperwork and endless hassles.

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