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Overcome Dental Anxiety

Relaxing at the dentist can be difficult, that's why at Classic Dental Care Gilbert we offer a variety of sedation dentistry options for those who fear the dentist and need some help.

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Sedation Dentistry

Relieve Dental Anxiety & Pain

We know that visiting the dentist can be a fearful experience. We aim to change that perception at Classic Dental Care Gilbert through our one-of-a-kind team and sedation dentistry services. While we do everything we can to help you relax without the need to use sedation, it can be necessary under certain circumstances and for more intensive procedures. Dr. Kleiner and our unique team are well-trained in providing sedation dentistry to the Gilbert community and have obtained all of the necessary certifications. We hope that we can be a beacon to all that dentistry doesn't have to be scary.

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Sedation Dentistry

Why Choose Classic Dental Care Gilbert For Sedation Dentistry?

Gentle, Compassionate Team: Our staff is handpicked and trained to provide gentle and compassionate care. We take our time to ensure that each visit is a pleasant experience.

100% Patient Focused Care: Tired of the same old dental experience? We are much different! At Classic Dental Care Gilbert we care about our patients and are 100% focused on their needs.

Quick Recovery Times: We operate precisely and efficiently meaning that you spend less time in the chair and under sedation, and more time smiling!

Sedation Dentistry

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous oxide is one of the three sedation methods we use and is known as laughing gas. This odorless and colorless gas reduces anxiety and pain during your procedure by releasing gas through a mask that sits on your nose. Nitrous oxide will create a tingling sensation throughout your body and help you relax. You will be conscious during the entire procedure and if you feel any discomfort during the procedure you will be aware enough to let us know so we can adjust the dose for you. Luckily, the gas wears off as fast as it begins working. You will be free to drive back home in about 30 minutes after your procedure.

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Sedation Dentistry

Oral Sedation

Another form of sedation is oral sedation. This sedation is given to you in the form of a pill that you will take about an hour prior to your appointment. The pill takes longer to kick in than local anesthesia and nitrous oxide but is the easiest to administer and you could even fall asleep during the procedure. The oral sedative targets the part of your brain that controls anxiety and fear and decreases its activity. You will be nice and relaxed during the entire procedure.

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Sedation Dentistry

Local Anesthesia Sedation

The last form of anesthesia is local anesthesia. This method is administered with a needle to provide pain relief and numb the local area where the procedure will take place, typically the cheek or gum. This type of anesthetic will usually be used for small procedures such as a cavity filling. You will be fully conscious for the duration of the appointment and the numbing sensation will wear off in a couple of hours.

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